Small Groups 

Life change happens in relationships, which is why we believe in doing life together. 

Our Groups are structured to allow you to meet people with common interests to do life with. This model equips leaders to turn their existing relationships, gifts, hobbies, and passions into life-changing groups, making community relevant and accessible to everyone.

We all need each other and that's why we have Small Groups. Whether you're new to groups, leading for the first time, or a seasoned leader, there's a place for you!  

Lead a group

You don't need to have it all together to lead a Small Group—you just have to be willing to let God use you.

You have the opportunity to create a space for someone to experience a life-changing community through leading a small group. A small group can be anything from simply gathering people for coffee to leading a Bible study.

Groups FAQ

What type of groups are there?
We have many different types of groups available. You will find everything from sports groups, Bible studies to coffee groups. We even have specified groups for men, women, students, and families!

Who can join a group?
Anyone can join a group.

When and where do groups meet?
Our groups meet all across our city at homes, restaurants, as well as the church. Our groups  meet on different days and times of the week, check out the groups you are interested in to find more details.

When do small groups happen? 
\We  have 3 semesters for our groups.
  • Spring groups - start in Feb and last 12 weeks
  • Summer groups- start in June and last 6 weeks
  • Winter Groups - start in Sept and last 12 weeks